// here. this will help. 
calloused hands wrap around, steadying shaking fingers at risk of spilling the bowl. warmth. 

Cartographer: Landon A. Marchant 
scuffed box holding a lifetime of instant photos 
// what gets remembered? 
work boots with cat-chewed laces 
// what gets forgotten? 
turmeric root and hibiscus flower 
// what color is the future? 
fifty-cent paint sample rejects and parchment paper 
// how do we get from here, to there? 
The entirety of my adult life has very literally been spent in service to others through community and grassroots organizing, federal policy work, and writing. Simply living as an out, disabled, transgender person is an act of revolution and community care. Art is where I can be selfish. Using found and foraged materials - house and spray paints, the roots from prickly weeds and berries off winding vines - I map the process of becoming the person my younger self needed to know could exist; the person my younger self fought to become. Creating brings me joy and alows me to give meaning to prismatic grief and titanium-core laughter, placing them in coherent yet often non-linear relation. 
// orient center, left, right, begin

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