I asked folks about their experience of me and my work. 
Here are some of their responses: 
"you have always sought out new ways to get dirt under your nails."
"Artist. Alchemist. Storyteller. Friend."
"Like so many trans kids who grew up desperate for a world where they belonged, Landon has dedicated themselves to building a better world for the trans kids growing up today."
"Landon and their art are studies in layers and depth."
"Landon draws on their experiences as a disabled veteran and former union trade apprentice to bring real life into their recent work utilizing reclaimed industrial paints, responsibly foraged ingredients and common household items to create abstract paintings that both refuse interpretation and encourage others to explore the inherent mess and adventure of creation."
"Landon has this way of coaxing potential out. Out of nature — ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ finding sources of color that can’t yet be seen & alchemizing them into being by combining plants & liquids most people would never think of mixing. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​Out of ordinary things — taking house paints & onion skins & baking soda & transforming them into precious elements essential to the story they’re telling. Out of us — pulling us in with their own remarkable story told through art or lyric word or (for the lucky, if you believe in such things) shared conversation & play."
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