We went for a flight down into the earth, to bedrock and foundations, into a cave with the Alchemist. But it wasn't the normal cave under the tree, it was a cave hewn from bedrock. Things - Roman numerals, or names, maybe? Were carved into the stone. Everything was square and not too roughly carved. I realize – these are the foundations of our institutions.

Alchemist: “Touch the walls.”
[Things are fuzzy here]
Alchemist: “What would you do with these [foundations?”

And I was above New York, and these blocks were the foundations of Wall Street. But the buildings were no longer institutions that siphoned resources from the earth and communities – these buildings were community housing. Vertical gardens and farms. New York was clean, green. It felt like a community, not sterile. Everyone had enough. People weren't operating from a place of lack, but rather, they had enough, and their labor brought them joy – they weren’t alienated from it. 

Then as I zoomed out more. The same thing was happening across all cities. Flint had new pipes. The Colorado River was full and reached Mexico again. Polar bears had ice. Further, and further, until there was Earth (?), a green planet and a blue-black planet. I was home.
Welcome home.

I am going to be okay. I was/am creating and building (two different things). Looking at the planets, I thought of those I love, and those I won’t be able to take care of soon. I thought of M and wanting to make sure she'll be okay. 
Alchemist: "Take care of yourself. (You will take care of her when you take care of everyone [you love / else].)"

With that, I was back in the cave. I touched a wall. 

Alchemist: “What do you want to release [from yourself, from the foundations]?
What does the earth need to absorb?
What do you want to build?”

My hand stayed on the wall as I answered and walked. 
“Release – Revolution. Creativity. Rest. Wisdom. Abundance. Balance. Trust. Confidence. Knowledge.
Consume – Waste. Greed. Scarcity. Lack. Fear. Poison. 
Build – Freedom. Freedom. [We need freedom so we can breathe and heal/heal and breathe.]”

Alchemist: “We have barely begun to build. It’s time to do the things that bring you joy—
create and build, build and create. You will remember what to do, even as you learn.

Welcome home. 
We have work to do.” 

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