There’s a path I didn’t notice before. Perhaps it wasn’t there, or I simply couldn’t see it. The earth is cool yet warm, it’s a tunnel underneath this massive tree. I run my hand along the wall as I follow the tunnel, the Winged Creature flies ahead and is somehow flying between stars while also underground – they are in a space between. Then I'm in a large open space underneath the tree. There is a waterfall of silver water-that-is-not-water, the same silver as the patch Stag has cleared in the river outside, and while it appears to be falling from the stars that sparkle in the canopy of the tree trunk, this waterfall comes from the river. 
There are strands of silver in the walls, in the floor. Winged Creature is somewhere, flying between the stars. 
“It’s time to weave. Mend. Create.”

The Alchemist is waiting by the waterfall, the silver water-that-is-not-water pooling on the earth floor. It’s impossible to tell how deep the pool is, from the shore. 
Step. This silver-blue not-water is not as cold as the river was. 
Step. The waterfall suddenly sounds musical. 
Step. Head down, enter the deluge.
Step. Hands up, let the silver-blue water-not-water pool in my palms. splash my face.
Step. Back to the shore. 
Silver-blue in my clothes and hair, I approached the Alchemist. I wanted to know – what did I do with the water-that-is-not-water? The Winged Creature lands beside the Alchemist, wings flashing before my face, stopping me in my tracks. 
“Stars shouldn’t be broken.”

Everything becomes a blur. 
I find myself laying on the floor of the cavern:
There are stars. 
I can stay, and it’s time to go. 

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