I watched my major traumas. And I understood them. I mourned the loss of innocence, my futures, trust, friendship, everything I hadn't felt at the time. It was very cerebral and in a strange void place with Wolf. An in-between space where I could see them, feel things, but not be consumed or overwhelmed. 
I remember seeing this and being like "are you kidding me. Are we really doing this" and Wolf being like "I thought you said you weren't afraid."
It's not that I was afraid, that just was not my idea of fun at 10:30 am on a Saturday morning 💀
Wolf asked if I ever wondered why Bear calls me Little One, and is so protective compared to the others. I remember apologizing, then talking, to the star Algol - the myth is that it's Medusa's head. She was turned into a monster after she was raped and murdered. Different cultures call the star variations on the demon star, and say it invokes the power of righteous rage against patriarchal injustice/violence. I didn't know how else to speak, so I addressed the star.

And then Wolf told me some people can't be saved. We argued about a person who is inflicting harm on others (likely due to their own hurt). not able able to save everyone, nor should I try, but I cannot and will not be the judge of who deserves or can be saved. Oh and I got called stupid (by Wolf) for arguing with Wolf. But then brave.
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